The Manager

Big money. Infinite luxury. Glamorous lifestyles. Professional footballers seem to have it all. But there is another side to worlds most popular sport. One that we hardly see. Think corruption. Mental abuse. Physical abuse. Think less than minimum wages. For many less fortunate players things are worse than you probably can imagine. And while footballers are normal employees, normal employment laws don’t apply to them. FIFPro, world players union, asked us to develop a campaign to make fans, non-fans and politicians aware of all things wrong in football.

An online series about the dark side of football

In our online series The Manager we brought the football world into the normal world. And showed what would happen to normal employees if their manager would treat them the way many footballers are treated. By making the issues tangible we made the severeness of these problems visible. The series featured on our online campaign platform, where people immediately could sign a petition for better protective laws for footballers.



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