we are monty

At monty we believe in the power of gamification. That’s why we created a unique tool to gamify non-gaming situations. Simply said: it helps us make brands more successful. Curious what it can do for your brand? Call Manon, our head of gamification. Or continue reading here

Wanted: kick-ass designer/desktop publisher

Got 2 to 3 years of experience working as a designer/desktop publisher? Want to work with us on a variety of clients? Then we would love to get in touch. So drop that portfolio full of breathtaking designs into our mailbox: hire-me@monty-amsterdam.nl

From 4.000 to 46.000+ fans in just 3 months

How? We will let you in on our little secret. But hey, don’t tell anybody. Tell everybody.

Mission accomplished!

Less than 2 months ago Mobypark’s crowdfunding campaign went live. And we are thrilled to share the results with you. With still a few days to go 123 people invested a whopping € 109.350, which makes a total of 109% of the target! Mobypark’s campaign is one of the most successful ones in the history of crowdfunding platform Oneplanetcrowd. We drink to that.

4.058 likes (minus 4)

Our recent Charlie’s campaign post got liked by a staggering 4.054 people. And no, we didn’t buy a single one of those likes. Still we think it’s fair to take 4 of. Since 3 of those likes came from monty people and the other one from our client himself. At least that’s what we hope.

Rockin’ on with… Rockstart!

We love startups. Rockstart loves startups. So when the Dutch Publisher’s Association asked Rockstart to create a 40-day accelerator competition for them, Rockstart asked us to create the recruitment campaign. The goal: attract startups with ideas that can bring the publishing industry into the 21st century. Sweet! And while most of you were cooking in the sunshine, the people of Rockstart and monty were cooking up a cool campaign. Check back soon for the work.

Sweet (without artificial sugar)

Our latest Charlie’s Natural Soda campaign image got noticed and liked. 4.326 times to be precise. Visit Charlie’s Facebook page to get a taste of all the work we did with them. https://www.facebook.com/charliesnatural/

Spotted in real life…

Look who we bumped into at Amsterdam Central Station… Charlie’s new face! And although our No Fake Stuff (at least not in your soda) campaign was intended for online use only, we think it looks pretty good in print too. Big size, big like.

New Mobypark work

Mobypark is the AirBnB for parking spaces. By sharing private parking spaces they aim to multiply the parking capacity and reduce stress. We created an animation that explains their services. Special thanks to Kristiaan for bringing our written words to life and to Studio Alfred Klaasssen for the sounddesign!

#wow #proud

Within 24 hours after going live with its crowdfunding campaign 13 wise people have invested €30.000 in Mobypark! With 59 days to go Mobypark has already reached 31% of their goal. Join the parking revolution, fund Mobypark.

Signed a contract to help sell… contracts

After a short pitch Legalloyd chose monty as their new creative partner in crime. Well, crime… Legalloyd is on the right side of the law. The smart people behind the company created a platform that lets (small) businesses make legally valid contracts themselves. Why visit an expensive lawyer if you can do it yourself… We are looking forward to create some buzz in legal land. Welcome guys.

1 post, 1.218 likes (and counting)

We proudly present Charlie’s Natural Soda’s first new campaign image. People seem to like it! And that’s just how we like to see it. Follow our New Fake Stuff (at least not in your soda) campaign on Charlie’s Facebook page. More refreshing Charlie’s stuff is coming soon.  

Our Charlie’s Natural Soda shoot got noticed…

Oh yes! We had an interesting shoot for our client Charlie’s together with our friends of DPPLR.  

Welcome Charlie’s

When we drank our first Charlie’s Natural Soda, two thoughts crossed our mind. Our first thought: let’s have another one! Our second thought: let’s make Charlie’s our first client. We succeeded in both. Welcome Charlie’s!    

Parkinsons Foundation

It’s an understatement to say that Parkinson’s disease is an underestimated disease. That’s why we donated some thinking to make it top of mind. We put entertainment at the heart of our idea: an online video that played on the Harlem Shake internet meme. It reached over two million people worldwide and got the discussion on Parkinson’s going. Without a single euro spent.

Head & Shoulders

Procter & Gamble asked us to make their Head & Shoulders brand more likable. To take the shame around the brand away we created three online videos. We broke with the tradition of showing how great Head & Shoulders is, but we showed people how ridiculous the alternatives are. And believe it or not, people come up with the most weird ‘solutions’ themselves. The amount of views? Almost a million in no time. And still counting.  

Douwe Egberts Senseo

Douwe Egberts wanted to rejuvenate their Senseo coffee by linking it to music. So we brought a classical pianist to the stage. In an online video Wibi Soerjadi showed of his classical skills. Not on his usual piano but on a rock keytar. Within hours after release the video went viral and got people talking. About Senseo. And about Wibi Soerjadi. Win win.

Parkinsons Foundation

The Dutch Parkinson’s Foundation goes the extra mile to help Parkinson’s patients. To do this they need money. It became an annual tradition for both patients and board members to participate in the Four Days Marches Nijmegen. And lets be honest: even for a healthy person the Four Days Marches are a serious test. That’s why we showed a patient tying his shoelaces in preparation of the march…

Samsung (Galaxy NX Camera)

Every day thousands of photos are made and shared through smartphones. But if you want a high quality photo the weapon of choice is a DSLR camera. That’s why Samsung introduced a high quality camera with smartphone features and wireless capabilities. With a limited budget we needed to reach hardcore DSLR photographers. So we needed a smart idea. We introduced a Dutch startup that created the Smart Cube: a revolutionary device that added amazing features to any existing DSLR camera…

Marktplaats Auto

With more than a million potential car buyers per month, your car will be sold before you’ve even noticed it. Only on Marktplaats.nl  

Marktplaats Auto

Marktplaats (eBay) wanted the whole country to know that their classifieds platform is not only the biggest in used goods, but also in used cars. We could have chosen to show potential buyers this huge amount of choice. But we didn’t. We focused on the car you could choose not to buy. Even when that car seems to be perfect. An unexpected way of showing benefit of choice.

Samsung (NX Cameras)

Samsung wanted to introduce their new high-end WiFi camera to photo enthusiasts. So we created a photo exhibition. But not one you would expect. During 2 days 5 photographers in 4 different countries sent their best photos to the exhibition floor in Amsterdam. At the Beurs van Berlage their photos appeared LIVE. Not in traditional photo frames, but on Smart TV’s. Because today we view digital photos on digital screens and we share them via digital connections.